The Power and the Physics (8-24-22)

00:45 Tucker Carlson on Joe Biden’s student debt forgiveness scheme costing $600 billion over a decade
20:00 Penn Medical School Expands Minority-Candidate Program That Does Not Require MCAT,
32:00 Vengeance (2022),
36:00 Minor-attracted persons instead of pedophiles
45:10 Hal Brands and Michael Beckley on the Emerging Conflict with China,
48:00 Managing the Tragedy of Great Power Politics | Robert Wright & Justin Logan,
59:00 When It Comes to Eating Away at Democracy, Trump Is a Winner,
1:03:00 Trump Was a Symptom, Not the Disease – and It’s Become a Global Pandemic,
1:10:00 A year after he was banned, Alex Berenson sued his way back. Are more lawsuits coming?,
1:22:00 Google Finds ‘Inoculating’ People Against Misinformation Helps Blunt Its Power,

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