Dearly Beloved (8-1-22)

00:30 We are gathered here in the sight of God,
05:00 Conservative Claims of Cultural Oppression: The Nature and Origins of Conservaphobia 2,
24:00 Tucker Carlson on possible war with China over Taiwan
1:15:30 Robert Malone – A vaccine scientist’s discredited claims have bolstered a movement of misinformation,
1:17:00 Bob Saget,
1:18:20 Publications on the right such as American Greatness are unreadable
1:24:50 David Remnick at the New Yorker
1:28:25 Laurene Powell Jobs
1:30:00 Norman Podhoretz and John Podhoretz and Commentary magazine
1:31:00 Why is the LA Times so boring?
1:35:00 Matt Yglesias, restaurants, productivity

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