Why Did Beverly Hills High Decline?

On his January 28, 2022 edition of the Parrot Room, Mickey Kaus says: “There was a wave of Persian refugees who don’t care that much about education and they displaced the other Jews… There’s a show about them called The Shahs of Sunset. They tend to be right-wing. All the rabbis are horrified by how conservative their congregations have gotten. They’re religious. They’re not like the old Jews who saw education as the way to the top. Their family is the way to the top. When they get into Harvard, their mothers cry for weeks because it means that they have to leave home. There’s a weird sexual double standard. The mothers tell their daughter, ‘Honey, can’t you wear your skirts a little shorter’ to attract a man, but if they have sex, they’re dead. It’s a fine line. They’re doomed, like the Shakers, to die out. It’s untenable. A lot of them become Orthodox Jews. They say, f*** it, if I’m not going to have sex, I might as well become an Orthodox Jew.”

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