Speaker Pelosi to shield vulnerable members from controversial votes

Stephen Steinlight emails: Despite high decibel aggressive junk talk by President Obama, the Hispanic Congressional Caucus, the appalling Rep. Guttierez, and what some took to be that very worrying interview with DHS Secretary Napoletano recently, I knew NOTHING would happen with “comprehensive immigration reform” in the coming year.
All one had to do was read between the lines of Napoletano’s remarks where she puts the entire onus on Congress. The WH wouldn’t come within 900 miles of this. For the Democrats to push CIR with a 17.5 Federal U-6 level would be to take the part of General Custer at the Big Horn. Even Nancy Pelois has more brains than that. Now we’ve got time to organize the American people for the showdown which, I predict, won’t come until after the NEXT presidential election, and perhaps never. But we must be ready, in the unlikely event. It may be the case that amnesty will always be just one year away.

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