The fall of porn icon Ron Jeremy (6-21-18)

People don’t understand that Ron Jeremy, like Uncle Wally, is a nice guy, down to earth, helpful, funny, just great fun to be with when he’s not raping you. People get so hung up on the rape thing, but that’s just a part of Ron.

I had dinner with Ron Jeremy (and Jasmine St. Claire) at the Rainbow Room and he never tried anything. Just a perfect gentleman. He didn’t use my vagina like his personal masturbation device.

It’s like you rape 87 women and then you’re known as the rapist, no matter your other accomplishments. Ronny almost got a masters degree in Education.

If you can’t believe in Ron Jeremy, who can you believe in? It seems that all our heroes have clay feet. Even Nick Fuentes.

We have to stop destroying our heroes. Who will our kids look up to now?

I’m so sick and tired of globalist elites tearing down authentic American heroes.

Where does this madness end? Love is love.

Most of the time, it wasn’t even rape rape, it was just rape and sometimes it was only rapey.

When you’re at the Rainbow Room and Ron Jeremy asks you if you know where the kitchen is, and you don’t want to get raped, just say no.

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