Richard Spencer Debates Styx On Free Speech, Online Anonymity (5-20-22)

03:00 Styx vs Richard Spencer – Internet Anonymity,
09:00 Richard takes things seriously
28:00 The porn question
35:00 What does it mean to be a Christian?
42:00 The Buffalo shooter had a toothache,
47:30 Riding the World’s Biggest Waves, Without a Surfboard,
56:00 Why You Should Not Use Ivermectin to Treat or Prevent COVID-19,
59:30 What’s the future for non-Haredi Jews in the diaspora?
1:00:30 Richard reflects on his debate with Styx,
1:02:30 Stripper says we’re in recession, she checks market to decide if it is worth going in to work
1:06:20 Richard says Ann Coulter, Peter Brimelow, Tucker Carlson only offer extreme whining
1:07:00 The class issue
1:10:00 Richard Against “Free Speech”,
1:24:00 Richard Spencer on America First, Nick Fuentes, The Alt-Right, His Shortcomings, and More,
1:36:00 Is America First imploding? Friendship nationalism

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