How Do Republicans Build A Counter-Elite? (5-19-22)

00:00 Tucker Carlson critiques Biden’s embrace of the WHO
04:00 Fact Check: The World Health Organization Will NOT Have Authority To Lock Down All of America,
06:00 COVID-19 Shows Why United Action Is Needed for More Robust International Health Architecture.—covid-19-shows-why-united-action-is-needed-for-more-robust-international-health-architecture
07:30 Public health requires us to combat misinformation
09:00 Is Biden Preparing To Give Sovereignty of US to WHO?,
15:00 Constitutional Dictatorship: Its Dangers and Its Design,
17:00 Illegal immigration into Texas
25:40 New House bill to monitor Joe Biden’s critics
45:20 $40 Billion for Ukraine
52:30 Banging Beyond The Binary – Philly Teacher Conference
56:00 Creating a new Republican elite,
1:11:30 Dinesh D’Souza DEMANDS Public Apology From Tucker Carlson
1:25:40 Milleniall Woes comments on Richard Spencer

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