The Energy Stars (3-20-22)

00:00 The situation is the boss
03:00 The power of emotional energy,
07:00 Elliott Blatt joins
12:00 Karen Carpenter,
15:00 How did Ukraine become sacred?
25:00 Stalemate in Russia v Ukraine
52:10 Who’s Who in the Dissident Right: Andrew Anglin,
55:50 Edward Dutton on Copium
1:05:00 The Sociology of Philosophies. A Global Theory of Intellectual Change (1998),
1:11:50 Richard Spencer’s experiences on RT bashing American foreign policy,
1:20:00 Why is Israel such a happy country?
1:24:00 Why Richard Spencer changed his mind on Russia, NATO,
1:26:00 Richard Spencer on traitors
1:27:00 Dissident Right rejoices in Russia bombing globo-homo
1:41:00 DR admires Putin as a bad-ass traditionalist
1:56:30 Richard’s ex-wife Nina Koupriianova, Why Am I Being Trolled? | Toxic Social Media Bullying | Mental Health & Personality,
2:00:00 Ed Dutton and Richard Spencer on Russia-Ukraine, Ed Dutton and Richard Spencer on Russia-Ukraine,
2:01:00 Putin as the savior of the West nonsense
2:02:30 Are we living in clown world?
2:08:00 How Putin propaganda worked on Richard
2:12:00 Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have removed their pronouns from their Twitter profiles

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