My Connection To Anna Nicole Smith

From Alexander DenkWatching Fox News Friday morning, I saw a familiar face and heard a familiar voiceAlexander Denk, Anna’s former bodyguard and boyfriend and possible father of her baby Dannielynn. I met Alexander in an acting class in 1994. I was homeless at the time. I’d stay a few nights a week with a woman I’d hooked up with but she kicked me out (after her friends, family and therapist advised her to). So I’d sleep in my car (Datsun 1979 station wagon) in Alexander’s parking lot in Beverly Hills and use his facilities. Denk worked as a chef at a luxury hotel around the corner (Santa Monica Blvd, near CAA). I was 27 and he was about 27. He was a bodybuilder from Austria. We both had accents and struggled in acting class but we had huge ambition. We were willling to do almost anything to get ahead in the entertainment industry. Alexander had a sharp-tongued landlady who’d almost reduce him to tears. Denk was a calm gentle guy. He spoke slowly. He saw himself as following in the footsteps of another bodybuilder actor – Arnold Schwarzeneger. Looking back, I realize that if I had just played my cards right, Anna Nicole Smith’s baby could’ve been mine.

Denk, who was Anna Nicole’s bodyguard for two years, first met the supermodel when he was cast as the chef on "The Anna Nicole Show.""I think it was an instant spark, and I think for her it was the same," he said. Denk claims he and Anna had a passionate love affair that lasted for two years. "She was wonderful," he insisted. "A very sensitive and emotional woman. A very good kisser, I must say." But Alexander told "Extra" that he knew Anna was in trouble the last time he talked to her two weeks ago, a conversation that now haunts him. "She was sick of being called names," he said. "Everyone was bashing on her and calling her names and putting her down and suing her." Now, only on "Extra," Denk breaks this stunning secret about Anna’s health that could affect the investigation into her death. He claims the reality TV star suffered from life threatening seizures, for which she was on medication. But Denk does not believe drugs were to blame for Anna Nicole’s death. "My opinion, I don’t think so," he told us. "I think she was exhausted." Then, Denk dropped the baby bombshell we never saw coming. When asked if Smith ever revealed to him the real father of Dannielynn, Denk responded, "She always told me she wanted to have her kids with me." So is there a possibility Denk is Dannielynn’s father? "There’s always a possibility," he insisted. Alexander hired prominent Beverly Hills attorney Cyrus Nownejad, and he made it clear he wants to raise Baby Dannielynn if she is his. But for now, his thoughts are with his lost love. "Poor Anna, Denk said through tears. "I hope she’s in peace wherever she is."

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