I Cleaned!

I emailed her: “I just spent 40 mins cleaning up, organizing my hovel above my bed to find my hanukkiah. Found it!”

She replied: “So that’s what it takes to get you to clean. A celebration of Jews reveling in the violent bloodshed of another people.”

Yisroel emails: “She (if she exists) is an ignoramus or an anti-Semite, or both. If she was trying to be funny — she’s not; it’s a totally false and harmful libel against Judaism.”

Beth comments: I’m reading a story about a Pakistani woman in the UK who gets off on being degraded. She especially loves it when white men call her filthy, racist names. I wonder if it’s like that for self-hating Jews. Maybe your friend will get a sexual charge from reading Yisroel’s response in your blog.

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