Joseph Cotto Debates Luke Ford On 2020 Voter Fraud Allegations (6-11-21)

00:00 Ethan Ralph hosted Joseph Cotto and me to discuss Election 2020
02:00 Henry Olsen: How we can be confident that Trump’s voter fraud claims are baloney,
04:00 Joseph Cotto,
06:00 Cotto/Gottfried on Rumble,
1:35:00 When was I last out of the LA bubble?
2:05:00 Southern Dingo calls in and reads two of Luke’s spicy quotes
2:51:00 Luke funded and ran the Goyim Defense League
2:52:40 Luke debates Joseph Cotto: Did Voter Fraud Determine The 2020 Election? (5-13-21),
2:54:30 Tucker Carlson
3:30:00 Who is Hans von Spakovsky?
3:34:00 Kris Kobach’s bogus claims on voter fraud

The Power Of The Situation To Shape Behavior,
Lack of Character: Personality and Moral Behavior,
The Myth Of Voter Fraud,
Debunking the most common claims of voter fraud:
“How claims of voter fraud were supercharged by bad science”
Kris Kobach’s False Claims About Voter Fraud,
‘Trump’s Claims About Illegal Votes Are Nonsense. I Debunked the Study He Cites as ‘Evidence.’’
‘Trump And Allies Keep Claiming Republican Poll Watchers Were Banned—That’s A Lie’
NYT: There’s no evidence to support claims that election observers were blocked from counting rooms,
‘EXPLAINER: Why poll watcher complaints don’t amount to fraud’
‘No, Georgia election workers didn’t kick out observers and illegally count ‘suitcases’ of ballots’,
‘Mail-in Voter Fraud: Anatomy of a Disinformation Campaign’,
No Evidence For Voter Fraud: A Guide To Statistical Claims About The 2020 Election, A Return to the (Lack of) Evidence of Significant Fraud,
Michael Anton Says He Does Not Know Who Truly Won The 2020 Election, But He’s ‘Moved On’,
Henry Olsen: How we can be confident that Trump’s voter fraud claims are baloney,

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