‘Bukowski: Born Into This’

I just watched this documentary and felt very sad, so sad that I had to watch an episode of Coupling afterward to laugh and feel good again.

I’ve never read Bukowski because I hear he’s depressing and I want more uplift in my life.

As a teenager, according to this documentary, Bukowski had bad acne. It was so bad that he stood outside his Senior Ball, his face swatched in toilet paper with only slits for his eyes, and his acne was bleeding into the toilet paper, and he was watching his classmates going into the Ball with their dates and he felt very sad.

When Bukowski became a successful writer, he attracted hot chicks. He did a lot of them. He said he once was in bed with six at once.

He felt a little bit ashamed of that.

Bukowski was doing research for his novel “Women“, so he had to sleep with as many women as possible. After that, he settled down with a nice girl and got married. She’s credited with adding ten years to his life.

But during his player days, his publisher recalls coming to his home and Bukowski was not there. But these twins from Holland were waiting for him.

“What do you plan to do when you meet Bukowski?” he asked them.

“We plan to f*** him,” they said.

Oy, so very very sad.

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