The End?

There’s an enormous appetite among right-wingers I know to believe that the Derek Chauvin verdict represents the end of America (Tucker Carlson taps into this yearning). I don’t share this apocalyptic vision. Do you have a theory for why so many people want to believe that America is done?

My view is that people who are convinced the end is nigh are immature. They need drama because their lives are empty, and they can’t handle things in public life not going their way because they are weak. I’m not impressed by the caliber of people who think America is over. They remind me of those old authors who proclaim the book is dead because nobody is reading their books.

Scott McConnell replies: “Yeah, conviction on negligent manslaughter was the right thing for crappy policing, but murder conviction was in the cards. If the left wins the midterms though, that would be worrisome. But there is a nascent left wing totalitarianism arising, scary and explains why.”

Bird: “I think if I could sum up the unease at the verdict, it’s that it seems like all the rioting and destruction has been rewarded and affirmed.”

Bud: “There won’t be any one signifier of the end of America as we know it. its like growth of tumor, occurs in increments. People like to look at symbolic events though to better understand a progression that occurs more like movement of the hour hand of a clock; inevitable, and imperceptible, but pointing out that the hour hand crossed the six, is not irrational.”

Troy: “Because the mob now gets a vote in jury deliberations. Add to that the fact that the Right has zero institutional power, and that we’re well into the Age of Decadence.”

Bud says:

I don’t think it is Chauvin alone. I think the right has long felt the establishment and especially the police and business were there natural allies. So whether it is the continued jailing of low flight risk non violent offenders for their acts at the Capitol on January 6, the quick lionization of Brian Sicknick as a martyr (even though he himself was a Trump supporter or sympathizer and his brother and mother denied early on that he died because of being hit by a fire extinguisher) to the point where he lay in state in the Capitol and was cited in the articles of impeachment. To the media and politicians who exploited and misreported what happened to him failing to apologize. To major corporations criticizing voting law changes. To persons who donated money to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense being doxed and in the case of a police officer fired and fundraising platforms being denied to conservative issues, to the continued expansion of CRT in all aspects of our society especially the military and military academies. These things make right wingers realize (1) they have little power compared to the left and (2) that entities they thought they could rely on are not their friends.

It is against this backdrop that the right wingers are fearful of the worst consequences of the Chauvin trial. They don’t focus on whether what Chauvin did was worthy of prosecution. (If you watched Tucker Carlson last night he had a police officer on who said that all police should know that keeping a suspect in a prone position with weight on them can cause positional asphyxiation and that once Floyd was handcuffed and on the ground Chauvin had no reason to continue to exert force on him in a prone position. Tucker quickly ended the segment because he thought the officer was going to speak about how the Chauvin verdict would lead to police not doing their jobs). They do focus on whether there was fair trial and whether there was mob justice with the jury being intimidated in finding a guilty verdict to avoid riots.

I don’t know whether what happened at the Chauvin trial is an aberration, a precedent or part of a trend. It is clear that the general belief among non conservatives is wrong about the criminality of young black males, about the number of blacks killed by the police and the prevalence of systematic racism in America. I think what the right wingers fear is the (1) the police will be defunded or if not defunded essentially neutered to the point where they will fear to use force even when called for for fear that they will lose their jobs and pensions and perhaps end up in jail, leaving law abiding citizens and their property at risk. (2)They also fear that the “rule of law” is under attack because the ordinary rules for deciding what acts the district attorney considers to charge and what charges to bring is being taken over by politicized district attorneys who focus more on police “misdeeds:” than run of the mill crimes. (3) and they fear that mob justice prejudges the guilt of the accused officer and through demonstrations and perceptions that failure to convict will lead to riots, intimidate jurors to convict.

I think you are wise not to jump to conclusions about this, and of course right now conservatives are terribly suspicious about the motives of those in power and perceive much of what is going on as an attempt to marginalize them, such as weeding out conservatives in general (although extremists in particular) from the military.

I am much more concerned about the possibility of war between Russia and Ukraine and China and its neighbors (especially Taiwan) with the possibility the U.S. will become involved. I fear that whether either prevails or the U.S. rebuffs them, too much is on the line for the losing side and it will be easy to get to nuclear war.

I think the reaction of at least some blacks to the police shooting in Columbus, certainly reinforces those who are fearful of the consequences, not only of the Floyd trial, but by the black attitude toward policing. It is troubling that so many, from Valerie Jarrett to Lebron James consider this to be an example of racism even though it is likely that the officer saved the lives of two other black girls who were the intended victims of the stabber. This jumping to conclusions is closer to the Red Queen’s approach in Alice in Wonderland with off with their heads first and trial second.

Steve Sailer writes:

Why does America in the early Biden Era appear to be coming apart at the seams?

One clear reason is because our culture is increasingly based on the sacralization of blacks.

For example, the ruling party has, in all seriousness, transformed itself into what I jokingly called The Black Party.

Thus, we are supposed to treat the late George Floyd as a holy martyr:

But raising any group above criticism just encourage them to behave worse.

And Americans don’t like blacks because they are perfect but because they are (ever so) human.

Thus, America’s Establishment culture at the moment is a little bit like a cult that would declare Shia LaBeouf the perfect being. But Shia keeps behaving like an imperfect human. So ever more frantic rationalizations are required.

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Where were all those riots that you guys predicted would happen?

Looks like you were wrong and owe People of Colour and there allies an apology!

How is treating Blacks with respect and dignity “worship”?

Just because many folks are not standing for their murder and maltreatment doesn’t mean that they are being worshipped.

* The most important thing to happen in the last week was not the Chauvin case. It was Florida’s anti-riot bill, which stiffens penalties for those involved in disruptive, violent riots. Block an interstate? That’s now a felony. Tear down a statue? That’s 10 years. If a city tells its police to stand down during a riot, they lose civil immunity. On the other hand, someone who drives through a crowd blocking a street now has civil immunity in Florida.

The reality is that conservatives can stop the violence at any point in their state legislatures. Pass bills that disbar and adjudicate local DA’s who refuse to enforce the law. Pass bills against teachers who spread CRT and add them to public child endangerment registries.

This can all be turned around immediately. The issue, of course, is the Boomers. They overwhelmingly focus on local taxes to the exclusion of anything else. They think defending your culture is low-rent and harsh.

* There is a Big Market in “White Nationalist Detectors”.

A mysterious box with inscrutable electronics, they flash lights and beeb at random, leading to hilarious situations.

Meanwhile, Anti-Asian Hate News. (Dot-Asians still not affected in spite of their hopes to get a hitch on that particulr bandwagon).

‘I’ll f*** you up’: Man who racially abused Olympic karate ace Kokumai and told her to ‘go home, stupid b****’ is arrested (VIDEO) (arrested in another incident, that is)

Subhuman Fatso be lucky he’s still got his teeth and balls.

“I don’t know which was worse, a stranger yelling and threatening to hurt me for no reason or people around me who witnessed everything and not doing a thing,” she said at the time.

Welcome to Whitey Domain where “Doing Something” gets you arrested.

* ‘He was so nervous’: Ukrainian tennis queen Elina Svitolina says she was as ‘surprised’ as fans by on-off lover Monfils’ proposal

* This cognitive dissonance is going to cause a massive economic breakdown in our cities. You cannot destroy law and order in a big city and expect it to survive in any economic sense. Jobs will not come back if it’s not even safe to go to your job in a big city because blacks are allowed to rob anyone they please on the street. Apartment, house, and retail rents will plunge like a rock when people flee to safety.

Ultimately, cities will end up being cheap places to live again, but it will be the Wild West–except the law-abiding will not be allowed to carry a gun to protect themselves and their families. This will not work. The West became civilized because decent people were given the right to self-defense. Liberals have taken this away from decent people in their enclaves.

Our cities will become places of pure, nightmarish, post-modern anarchy thanks to Democrats. Many of these loons you can’t reason with at all are Millennials, the kids of the radical leftwing of the Baby Boomers. These Millennials are even crazier and have a more cult-like mentality than their parents. There are enough of them that their votes are going to destroy the nation.

* The very origin of the modern police force in London (“Bobbies”) was based on the concept that the police are not a military occupation force composed of foreign mercenaries and should be drawn from the community that they serve. Peel’s maxim was “the police are the public and the public are the police.” In most middle class American towns, the police are drawn from the local inhabitants and proudly live among them. Having a cop as your neighbor is considered a good thing.

Of course this only works if the community that they serve prefers law and order over rampant criminality. This is the basic equation – does the community on average have more to gain from the protection that they receive from the police than they have to lose by being subjected to the requirements of the law? The more property you own, the more law abiding you and your family are and the more you value your own life and the safety of your loved ones over your freedom to take revenge on your enemies, the more likely it is that the benefits of being policed will outweigh the drawbacks. Here is a hint on the first factor: the average net worth (assets – debts) of American blacks is approximately zero. I will leave to the reader the exercise of determining how the other two factors are distributed among the races.

* This insanity does not afflict all Americans but rather only the Left leaning portion. Of course this includes most of our political and academic establishment, clergy, media and entertainment industry so their influence and visibility is very high.

But there is a very large segment of the population (close to half) for which the sacralization of blacks holds no appeal. Among say white men above the age of 30, I would say that this includes the vast majority.

But (except for a few loudmouths whose bread is buttered at the Democrat table) I would venture to say that most white women, Asians and Latinos are not exactly wild about this either. At the very least, they think that THEY deserve a place of honor on the diversity totem pole somewhere near blacks and well above the status of detested white men. While on its face, this should not warm the hearts of white men, if examined closely it provides opportunities to drive a wedge into the Coalition of the Fringes. As the political and economic spoils from minority status increase, so does the incentive for the thieves to fall into infighting regarding how to divide up the loot.

* The late Lawrence Auster’s “First Law of Majority-Minority Relations” seems relevant, here:

The worse any designated minority or alien group behaves in a liberal society, the bigger become the lies of Political Correctness in covering up for that group.

And then there’s his first corrolary to that Law:

The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group’s bad behavior.

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