I Want My Streaming To Complement My Life

Luke talks to Babylonian Hebrew about creating live streams that work with your life rather than against it.

Luke discusses this Four Corners documentary: Why professional athletes and Olympians struggle with life after sport:

My Age of Treason debate, https://soundcloud.com/luke-ford-666431593/jq-debate-with-age-of-treason

Non-native eucalyptus and biodiversity, https://lukeford.net/blog/?p=136722

MP3: https://soundcloud.com/luke-ford-666431593/like-sands-through-the-hour-glass-so-are-the-streams-of-our-lives-2-1-21

Luke’s brief acting career in 1995/1996.

About Luke Ford

I've written five books (see Amazon.com). My work has been followed by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and 60 Minutes. I teach Alexander Technique in Beverly Hills (Alexander90210.com).
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