Tiger Woods Adultery Scandal

US Magazine will report on Thursday about one of Tiger’s affairs.

Radar Magazine reports that several women have come forward to claim affairs with the golfing great.

I wonder when Tiger Woods will finally come clean about this. His pleas for privacy on his website don’t sound particularly convincing to me.

It sounds like something is rotten in Denmark.

Yisroel emails: “No, it sounds like something is rotten in Sweden.”

Dennis Prager on the radio Monday: “I don’t talk about people’s affairs, either real or alleged. The only reason I am mentioning this is that is clear that there was some sort of big altercation with his wife. Everybody has troubles. If anybody would seem to embody an idyllic life as humanity can experience, it would be Tiger Woods. He is adored. He is a gentleman. He’s a good guy. He has two beautiful kids. His wife is stunning. The amount of money at the man’s disposal. If one were to list an imaginary person as having as painless and joy-filled a life as possible it would be Tiger. It turns out that he puts his pants on quite similarly to you and me. If he has issues at home, welcome to the human race.

“Envy is not one of my demons. Is that fair to say Allen [Estrin]? It’s not even a big battle. Most people do. Most people have a list of people whom they envy. Don’t. You don’t know what pain is in another person’s life.”

“While the Tiger Woods story is just a sad story and shouldn’t be dwelled upon beyond the issue I raised…”

Radar reports:

Several other women are coming forward claiming they had affairs with Tiger Woods, RadarOnline.com has learned exclusively.

What’s more, one of these women claims to have proof in the form of voice mails from the golfing great. The voice mails are said to be explosive.

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RadarOnline.com has not heard the voice mails and verified their authenticity.

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But we have confirmed that at least two more women are being linked to Tiger in sexual affairs. One of those women is Jaimee Grubbs and she has come forward to US Weekly. That story will be published Thursday.

BETH EMAILS: “When a woman, even a stunningly beautiful one, marries a man who is arguably the world’s most famous athlete, she’s got to expect a certain level of nonmonogamy. Monogamy is not a natural state for human beings, particularly not for human males. They have a biological imperative to spread their DNA around. What separates us from the rest of the animals is our ability to reason, to overcome our baser instincts, but this doesn’t mean the instincts have left us. Men can be faithful but it’s unrealistic to expect this in the face of constant temptation such as Tiger Woods or just about any famous man would face.”

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