Does Your Life Work? Stroll Streams For 12-18-20

The difference between Indy pics and studio pics:

Streaming as a compulsion:

Toby Young’s Humiliation Diet:

Happy memories:

Provoking people means hurting people:

COVID, Cucks And The Blitz (11-27-20)

Are Sanskrit prayers the most powerful?

Conversion is just doing a geographic:

The Blind Side (2009)

My Shabbat at Loma Linda University (2010)

Isolation means poverty

Jews In the American Academy — Literature Departments (11-25-20)

My Back Spasms

The Post-Trump Letdown

Voter Fraud And The Covid-19 Lockdown (11-24-20)

Your Soul’s Desire (11-27-20)

Voter Fraud – Truth Or Tactic?

WWII and the Narratives (11-28-20)

How The Internet Rewired Our Brains (11-25-20)

Stolen Valor aka Using Political Extremism To Cope With One’s Real Life Passivity

Why Did Pfizer & Moderna Delay Vaccine Announcement Until After Election? (12-6-20)

Journalistic Ethics

Is Pain Contagious? (12-11-20)

Different People Have Different Politics (12-13-20)

The Best Lack All Conviction (12-4-20)

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