Politics, Aesthetics & Status Competition (12-9-20)

00:00 Why does status matter for survival?
07:00 The Rise of the Warrior Apes
17:50 Envy Up, Scorn Down: How Status Divides Us (2011) by Susan Fiske
30:00 Richard Spencer on the Turks
56:00 Hunter Biden under tax investigation
1:10:00 Shang-Jin Wei: Status Competition and Risk Tolerance
1:16:00 Varieties of (De)Humanizing – Divided by Status & Competition
1:21:00 Wignats Matt Parrott and Matt Heimbach vs groypers, Greg Johnson
1:35:40 Ramzpaul: The GOP Civil War
1:47:00 Baked Alaska streams live with hot chix
1:55:40 Andy Nowicki on incels
1:59:15 Should men feel grateful for s-x in relationships?
2:06:20 Mike Enoch on homosexuals, Jews
2:08:00 Joe Biden on Jewish contributions to American culture
2:18:40 Susan FISKE (Princeton University): “How Ordinary People Become Violent (…)”
2:33:00 Optical nationalism

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