A Place For You (11-30-20)

00:00 Patrick Basham LIVE on why he is concerned about the 2020 election
05:00 Why presidential election puzzles
10:00 How much credibility does Patrick Basham have?
1:14:00 Ep. 36 Election Lawsuits, from PA to MI; Powell Lawsuit; SCOTUS Injunction; Flynn Pardon AND MORE!
1:24:00 More Nonsense about the election
1:47:00 On Faux Analysis of Biden’s Win
1:54:00 US election results: Why the most accurate bellwether counties were wrong
2:02:00 80,000,000?!
2:09:00 Time for conservatives to dump Trump 
2:16:00 Tucker Carlson on Covid crackdowns
2:34:00 Kenneth Brown: Safesearch and the Renaissance of Softcore!

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