Election Meltdown 2020 IV (11-10-20)

00:00 Thermostats vs thermometers in radio hosts
02:00 What qualities make for a great pundit?
03:00 Was the 2020 presidential election stolen?
04:00 CORTES: The Statistical Case Against Biden’s Win
10:00 Fact check: Wisconsin turnout in line with past elections, didn’t jump 22% as claimed
15:00 Fact check: ‘No one over 116 voted’ in Ohio election
18:00 Fact check: No evidence that 14,000 dead people cast ballots in Wayne County, Michigan
20:00 Why the Ballot-rolloff for Biden?

36:00 Patrick Basham LIVE on fraud, polling, and the 2020 election
1:01:00 Why do drug dealers and prostitutes racially discriminate?
1:05:00 Rodney Martin provides a Trump election update
1:18:00 I interviewed a Jewish prostitute
1:42:00 Jones Day Statement Regarding Election Litigation
1:44:00 Merry Prankster Baked Alaska
1:56:00 Steve Bannon white pill video
1:59:00 Matt Braynard discusses the Voter Fraud Investigation Project
2:16:40 Giuliani presents evidence for Trump’s legal battle
2:23:00 Video game training for war between Armenia & Azerbaijan
2:32:00 Media Repeats Pfizer BIG PHARMA Talking Points To Own Trump On Covid Vaccine
2:37:00 Nick Fuentes disavow Catboy Kami for giving Hitler speeches
2:44:00 Fact check: No evidence that 14,000 dead people cast ballots in Wayne County, Michigan
2:46:30 Voter Fraud in America? Don’t Let the Ruling Class Get Away With It! Michael Anton on Tucker Carlson
2:49:00 Rich Barris: Inside The Numbers: No, I Don’t Think the Polls Were Just Wrong
2:52:00 WP: The long love affair between Fox News and Trump may be over
3:04:00 Invoking Motive, Means & Opportunity Is Not A Strong Argument For Widespread Vote Fraud
3:19:40 Tucker Carlson on defund the police

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