Election Meltdown III

00:00 The Media Ignored Democrats’ Attempts To Dismantle Election Security Measures: Hans von Spakovsky
05:00 Who is Hans von Spakovsky?
07:00 Does Hans von Spakovsky have credibility?
11:00 What’s going on in Georgia?
23:00 David Pakman: Republican Casually Blames Jews for Stealing Election
1:20:00 AOC wants to cancel those who worked for Trump
1:24:00 Rodney Martin joins
1:46:30 White guilt
1:52:20 Trump’s odds are going up on PredictIt
2:00:00 John Fund on Dennis Prager
2:09:00 2020 Detroit Ballot Counting. “What kind of an election is this? The scene felt like a drug deal.”
2:18:00 Ann Coulter ecstatic with election result
2:24:00 Say Good-bye to Trump’s Lesser Ghouls
2:29:00 Why did Trump’s White voter base shrink in 2020? (Ann Coulter supercut)
2:43:00 KMG on the election
2:47:00 Babs joins to discuss the history of the show
3:05:00 Tucker Carlson
JPOST on election fraud
Trump & Fox News

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