Nobody Controls The Narrative

I often hear the Jew-skeptical say things like, “I’m beginning to fear you’re losing control of the narrative, guys.”

Guess what, nobody controls the narrative because the narrative exists in your mind and mine and nobody controls our minds. There are people who control the megaphone but the megaphone can blare all day long and if it disagrees with my narrative, I’m not changing to accommodate the megaphone. The news can tell me all day long that Trump’s a wanker but I’m going to still vote for him. The media have been solidly on the left for decades and yet Americans keep electing Republicans. Why? Because we did not evolve to be gullible. The academic, media and cultural elites have been solidly left for decades and yet they have not been able to stop people voting Republican. The left controls the megaphone and yet Donald Trump still won the presidency in 2016.

Propaganda doesn’t change people’s minds. Spin doesn’t change people’s minds. School brainwashing doesn’t change people’s minds. It only gives those who want to think a certain way reasons to keep believing the way they want.

I notice that resentment is a primary characteristic of those who are failing at life. They particularly hate those who enjoy some measure of success, so they grab at their ankles and try to pull them down. If you are living your vision, however, detractors won’t get you down. Neither will you resent those who excel you.

Sometimes a resentment of Jews is simply a resentment of excellence.

Controlling the narrative is a delusion like controlling your reputation. Your reputation does not belong to you because it exists in the minds of others. So too with the narrative. It belongs to no one, it exists in the minds of others.

Complaining about other people controlling the narrative is like complaining about witches and other mythical beings. It’s the mark of a loser. A lot of people perpetually lose at the game of life and there seems to be no discernible reason for they are smart and hard working, but inside their minds, they are compelled to self-sabotage, and to assuage that pain of losing, they come up with theories that excuse their failures by saying it’s the fault of the Jews or the Freemasons or the elites. People want to blame everyone but themselves for their own misery. 

On the other hand, not all criticism of Jews or of Freemasons or of any group is off base. So how can you tell when criticism has merit? When it is empirical. Complaining about the Jews dominating the narrative, however, easily gets lost in the mist. Jews are the people of the book and of the movies and of the tele, but the narrative belongs to everyone.

My favorite metaphor for critics, trolls and enemies is “metaphorical tennis player.” The stronger their game, the better you have to be. I’ve played my best tennis against the best players.

From Waffourt:

4 Step Recap of How To Deal With An Enemy
Re-name this enemy or toxic person as your “Metaphorical Tennis Player.”
Start to think of them as someone who is here to actually HELP you to become stronger, better, wiser.
Ask yourself what positive qualities your “Metaphorical Tennis Player” is here to help you to develop – thanks to their chaos and resistance.
Try to be as thankful as possible that they are helping you to become a better player at the game of life.

Borrowed functioning is not a great place to be. If you can’t function right without your wife loving you and your friends supporting you, you’re not an adult. You don’t have the right to anyone’s love. You can’t control people’s love.

If you depend on your wife’s love, your mum’s love, your brother’s love, your kids’ love, you are going to be emotionally labile. You can’t order love. Various people make my show go — John, Lipped, Glib, Elliott etc, but if all of them turned against me, my happiness level would not dip for long. I don’t compromise the type of show I want to do even if my biggest fans disapprove. I listen to feedback and criticism and suggestions and then I employ my internal locus of control.

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