Matt Forney Live (6/26/2020): Lauren Southern and Jaden McNeil in Prison Planet

Matt: “I’m not happy. There are a lot of things I am not happy about. Texas and Florida have closed bars… Then you have the cancellation attempt against Jaden McNeil. And we have the return of Lauren Southern.”

If the news makes you unhappy, deeply unhappy, then you have an approach to life that does not work. You are denying reality if you get fundamentally unhappy about things you can’t change and you can’t change the news. In the serenity prayer, we ask God to grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. What goes unstated in that prayer is that we need to seek a way of life that develops rather than inhibits our serenity. For many people, this will mean consuming less news. The more time you spend getting upset about things you cannot change, the less happiness you will experience.

Matt: “I can’t get out Albania because of the lockdown. Maybe I will die here because I made the mistake of being an ex-pat in a time of pandemic.”

“I’m biting my lip so hard…trying not to fed post. There are not enough middle fingers in the world to describe about how I feel about this [lockdown] right now… It’s the flu. The mass wave of deaths never happened. The virus hardly killed anyone [in good health]. The average age of corona virus deaths is about 80. This is what we destroyed our economy for, so a few 80-year old could live eight months longer… This is psychological warfare designed to make you snap.”

If you snap, it is not because of the lockdown. It is because you have an approach to life that is not adequate to reality.

Matt: “It was coordinated… The elites want to make people totally miserable. Flu season is over [in the northern hemisphere]. Covid-19 is lethal to old people. That’s it… If there isn’t mass civil disobedience on the part of business owners who see through this bs… This is the last summer where we have our freedom before we are herded into mixed use developments and given UBI and microchips.”

“I take this personally because for a good portion of my life I’ve been poor, how am I going to pay the rent poor. Hiding from the landlady poor. Don’t know how I am going to be able to get gas poor… My employment has been destroyed by this nonsense.”

This kind of chronic poverty on the part of someone as smart as Matt is the result of self-defeating behavior aka negative compulsions.

Matt: “How many suicides have been caused by this lockdown? How many people will kill themselves [because Texas and Florida have closed bars]?”

If you snap, it is not because of the lockdown. It is because you have an approach to life that is not adequate to reality. You might need to connect to a power greater than yourself.

Matt: “There is only so much abuse the brain can take.”

If you can’t take the lockdown, you are weak. Everybody should keep three months of food and have at least three months of savings on hand. The amount of turbulence you can handle without hurting yourself or others reflects your level of maturity. Adults should be able to deal with stress without hurting themselves and others.

Matt: “How many people who you thought were solid dudes are just going to snap and kill themselves over this?”

Forney touches on an important truth. Civilization often hangs by a thread. Our sanity often hangs by a thread. Covid-19 won’t destroy civilization or your sanity, but it will test it and reveal it.

Matt: “People often comment about how resilient I am in the face of internet trolls… This has personally affected me yet. What I can extrapolate from this is the future and even I feel hopeless. Am I going to be able to make it through five to ten years of this? I think I’m cracking a little. What about people who are close to the edge? So, in conclusion, f— Greg Abbott, f— Ron DeSantis, f— lockdowns, f— the medical dictatorship, f— nurses, f— doctors, f— science.”

This is the embodiment of an attitude to life that doesn’t work. You’re getting enraged about things you cannot change. What works better is to put your effort into understanding why people act the way they do. And what’s even better is to focus on changing the things that you can change — mainly, yourself.

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