BLM Activism & Your Work Prospects

I suspect many employers won’t hire people who’ve supported BLM just as they won’t hire people who support BDS.

From the WSJ:

Workers may run some employment risk if they participate in protests or other forms of activism. Most U.S. workers are at-will employees, meaning they can be fired without notice and for any reason. There are exceptions, such as those provided under the National Labor Relations Act, which protects employees who are protesting working conditions. Some states also have laws that prevent employers from firing someone for taking part in lawful off-duty activities.

Perhaps most misunderstood is what the First Amendment does and doesn’t provide, said Prof. Hawkins. While the First Amendment protects a person’s rights to free speech and assembly without government interference, it doesn’t prevent a private employer from firing or disciplining a worker for actions such as engaging in political speech at work.

“The idea that we lose those rights in any context is shocking to most people,” she said.

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