Looking Down From Heaven

I love this picture.

I feel like this is the true perspective on life. How could one get petty from here?

The photo tells me there are many ways of living a life, and one small turn can make an enormous difference. Just a tilt of the wheel and you are off on a whole new adventure, leaving behind everything you’ve known.

I look at the picture and I feel a touch of the infinite. Surely God is in this place.

I had the same sensation driving into Yosemite. I was awestruck by the natural grandeur. I felt tiny and it felt good to be tiny.

I feel lonely looking at this picture and I like it. It reminds me of climbing to the top of a tree at Pacific Union College once I no longer lived there, circa 1982 when I was only visiting, and I was swaying in the breeze on top of the tree looking over the community that was home to the people I loved most in the world. Sitting there, I felt that my future was limitless. Looking at this picture, I feel the same way. This image connects me to the infinite in each moment, in each person, in each interaction, in each idea, in each connection.

Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Here’s some background on the young photographer Ian Beckley. My logo photo is of New Mexico.

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