Michael Jackson’s Dermatologist Publishing Shocker Book

Dr. Arnold Klein has a book coming out on Michael Jackson. It reports that Michael Jackson had a homosexual affair with Dr. Klein’s office manager. It also reveals the truth about Michael Jackson’s skin disease which made him look pale.

It has other bombshells.

From NJ.com:

Michael Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klein injected the pop icon with the muscle freezer Botox and facial filler Restalyne, performed acne surgery on the star, and prescribed him Latisse, the eyelash lengthener. There were 179 procedures in all. What’s shocking is that these were all in the last three months of his life, the last three days before his death in June.

Even Nicole Kidman is thinking, ouch.

Klein, a longtime Jackson pal whose nurse, Debbie Rowe, married the singer and bore him two children (or so the legend goes), filed papers with Jackson’s estate to claim $48,522.89 for the procedures, TMZ.com reports. Klein also injected Jackson with a muscular drug called "I.M.," sometimes several times a day. A dermatologist tells TMZ that I.M. is the common billing code for the painkiller Demerol.


Michael Jackson’s famous longtime dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, is wanted for questioning by the LAPD regarding drugs he may have prescribed to the late singer. Michael was reportedly seen regularly at Dr. Klein’s Beverly Hills office in recent months.

According to US, Arnold Klein, who had a close relationship with Michael and was Debbie Rowe’s former boss, is the biological of his older children, Prince and Paris: “He is the dad,” says a Jackson insider. “He and Debbie signed an agreement saying they would never reveal the truth.”

A source told TMZ, Michael was not the biological father of any of his children and Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother either. Debbie was just a surrogate that was well paid for her services. This might turn into a complicated matter since Michael never filed legal papers to adopt any of his three children.

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