A Praising Comment

Em emails: I was about to leave a praising comment on your site but the logging-in process is weird — well, there’s no way to log in, so here we go: your interviews are a freaking goldmine. It’s no discovery, but I confess that I hadn’t checked your site in the while, being driven away by the flurry of Google Ads and your beard of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (why, Lord, why?)

I found out about this book, Breakshot, by accident and a few clicks later, where do I end up? On your site, of course, because you were one of the first to have interviewed not only Kenji but Matthew Randazzo. Did you see that Jerry, the Irvine PD cop blasted in the book retired in good standing in July just around the time the book was released? If I were an OCR or OC Weekly reporter, I’d be all over this.

Hey Luke, nice to see that some things don’t change and glad to hear about you dating a woman your age without having her to convert to Judaism: how refreshing! I hope that you are in love and happy with her, despite all the other struggles. It’s not the best of times for webstars. Joe* was talking about it with Henry Copeland of Blogads the other day, how the pattern of traffics have changed, how it’s harder to compete with all these professional blog sweat houses updating 24/7.

I couldn’t see the tiny "login" in the upper corner until you mentioned it. Of course it works.

I’m reading this book you would find interesting by my friend Adam LeBor, called "The Believers" about how Madoff conned the Jewish NY establishment. He explains a lot of things I didn’t know about the different "Jewish casts" on the East Coast, for lack of a better word, and how Madoff, being of Eastern European descent, was not part of the upper cream and didn’t mind screwing "his own people" because he was not from the same Jewish group as his victims. Adam explains it much better and in proper English.

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