Rabbi Dr. Luke

I find that when someone introduces themself with a title, be it doctor or rabbi or pastor, they are seeking to put distance between us.

My preference is to always call rabbis "Rabbi X" unless it is their preference otherwise (such as with Marc B. Shapiro who insists on "Marc" with everyone he meets).

Rabbi Ari Enkin writes:

A rabbi is often faced with some uncertainty as to how he should introduce himself. One option is to introduce himself by saying "Hello, my name is Rabbi So-and-so". However, perhaps introducing oneself with one’s rabbinic title is overly assertive and may appear to convey a sense of arrogance. Another option is to omit the title and allow for those present to figure out for themselves that one is to be addressed by a rabbinic title. Perhaps the manner in which one is dressed or the direction in which the conversation flows might prompt others to automatically address one with a rabbinic title.

Which is the preferred course a rabbi should take?

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