The Steve Sailer Diet

He stands 6’4″ and weighs 175 pounds.

Steve writes:

Don’t eat sugar or starch. I really, really like sugar and starch, so don’t put myself in positions of temptation around sugar/starch. Don’t rely on willpower: e.g., “Oh, I’ll just eat one slice of pizza and then when I’ve reminded myself of how much I like pizza, I’ll totally stop at just one slice and NOT eat 3 more.”

Nah, just don’t let yourself be near pizza or ice cream or pastries etc. etc.

My particular metabolism is such that the first hit of sugar/starch makes me hungrier for more of the same, so a strategy of moderation and willpower involving sugar and starch doesn’t work well. Instead, eat meat and vegetables. It’s like how teetotaling works better for an Irishman with a drinking problem while an Italian finds it easier to drink moderately.

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