NYT: The Racist History Behind Facial Recognition

From comments at Steve Sailer:

* Criminal face has three big factors: high-T features, poor symmetry and other signs of genetic load (like narrow eyes), and fetal alcohol complex.

The Chinese did a large study based on national ID photos of criminals v non criminals, it has lots of good examples.

* Most of the top 50 pictures of C.S. Lewis on Google show an intelligent-looking expression, although that might just be selection bias.

Lewis was pretty similar looking to John von Neumann, who I would presume to consider the gold standard of intelligence for whom we have a lot of photos.

* Von Neumann looks smart to me: huge forehead, large eyes, very symmetrical.

The same for Lewis, but he also has a friendly and unpretentious mien that you could imagine a butcher having (they are friendly and outgoing in my experience. It is a sales job partly, but meat sells itself in a way cars and clothing don’t, so their friendliness doesn’t feel forced.)

* From years of daily perusing of this website https://florida.arrests.org/ it is clear you do not have to be a police detective to notice the overwhelming majority of men arrested have facial hair. If you are a cop and see a man with facial hair and tattoos its game over. Run him for warrants, search his car and person and be ready to draw your gun.

* Because humans are not engineered based on independently developed components but grow from a single cell that differentiates the body into parts over time. Formation of facial structure and the brain modules that deal with the muscles thereof are practically certain to be correlated with various ensembles of behaviorial traits.

* Chinoy’s arguments on facial recognition slide into one another.

1. It doesn’t work perfectly and is thus useless.
2. It’s based on discredited pseudoscience and thus can’t work.
3. It works, but it does better on white faces than on black faces.
4. Its use will entrench racism, because it can be made to usefully address important questions.

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