When Criticism Helps

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* The internet is turning into a disaster for Jews. It is the ultimate dis-intermediary which is a big problem if your job is to get in between transactions. This is especially true if you control the media and depend on it to hide and punish your enemies. I am sure part of what is bothering Howard Lovey is that not only is Jeffrey Epstein’s exposure bad for his tribe’s image but it distracts of the more important mission of making the goys out to be Satan. We will resume our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

* “Personally, as somebody who has been criticized upon occasion, I find that criticism, while unpleasant, tends to make people better.”

What are some specific examples of criticisms directed to your race and ethnicity that you have personally found unpleasant, but that made you a better person?

I ask Steve, but I’d be curious for others’ examples too.

Personally, I cannot think of any.

* – NW Europeans approach geopolitics with universalism, wide-eyed enthusiasm and the ability to organize. This has caused a great deal of past suffering in the Americas and Africa, and most recently in the Middle East. Everyone would be better off if NW Europeans did not attempt to “rescue” cultures.

– NW Europeans put way too high of a priority on courting in their teens and early 20’s, in which input from parents and grandparents is ignored. This is likely baked-in culturally and genetically, considering Romeo & Juliet has always been considered a tragedy in western cannon, as opposed to a tragicomedy about two moronic kids.

– NW Europeans have a unique mix of intelligence, testosterone, and off-the-charts creativity. This has lead to major breakthroughs, but also a great number of atrocities.

* The lovely and talented actress Rachel Weisz said in 2001:

“RACHEL: Hollywood’s run by Jews. I was advised by an American agent when I was about 19 to change my surname. And I said “Why? Jews run Hollywood.” He said “Exactly.” He had a theory that all the executives think acting’s a job for shiksas. … In some way acting is prostitution, and Hollywood Jews don’t want their own women to participate. Also, there’s an element of Portnoy’s Complaint — they all fancy Aryan blondes.”

* It doesn’t piss me off that Jews run Hollywood, but it does piss me off that it can’t be spoken of, or the implications of it. Same with the national news media. Local media still does a pretty decent job. Or I guess, same with banking, and political donations.

Maybe if we were all allowed to say this stuff openly without fear of professional retribution (most people, middle class anyway, couldn’t care less about losing friends over this) it would make the country stronger. But, alas, it devolves into the old saw about paronoia.

* The Netanyahus, father and son, are playing up the Epstein scandal because he is connected to rival former PM Barak.

* We have a similar problem in the UK: the perception that Pakistani muslims rape a lot of English girls. But what the Pakistanis have to realise is that it doesn’t matter how many girls they rape because the prejudice against them is wholly irrational and has nothing to do with their behaviour.

* The problem with stereotypes (when you are a victim of them) is that while they may contain a nugget of truth in relation to certain members of your race they don’t necessarily apply to you and it feels very unfair to you when you are tarred with that brush. Maybe Italian-Americans are (or were – it seems like a fading phenomenon) members of organized crime families more often than other Americans, but most Italian-Americans aren’t. Maybe blacks mug taxi drivers at far higher rates than whites but if you are a black banker trying to get a cab in NYC it seems unfair that the cabs keep driving past you – YOU never mugged anyone. My grandfather was not an international banker as imagined by Henry Ford and Adolf Hitler, he was a poor fisherman.

One of the beauties of the American constitutional system (when it works) is that it is based upon notions of individual responsibility and not collective guilt. Race prejudice is based on collective guilt, which is why it is so “anti-American” and repulsive to all fair minded Americans (and not just Leftists).

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