Mitt Romney, The Senator From The Great State Of Spite

* 1939 Atlantic: I Married a Jew

* Romney asserts his independence – and Trump’s GOP critics see an opening

* It’s war: Rand Paul hits ‘Big Government’ Romney, calls Trump an ‘actual conservative’

* What does it mean to be a conservative in the Age of Trump?

* ‘Seattle-ization’? American cities fear what’s happened here

* The most overrated and underrated 2020 Democrats

* Former NY Times editor rips Trump coverage as biased

* These 13 Jokes From ‘Seinfeld’ Are Super Offensive Now — Yes, That Includes The “Soup Nazi”

* Nearly 400 Migrants Died Crossing Unsecured U.S. Border in 2018

* Finland Leader Attacks ‘Hate Speech’ Against Foreign Child Sex Abusers

* NJ University Course Will Explore ‘Non-Human Perspectives on Queer’

* Leonard Bernstein and the Jewish Cultural Ascendency

* Ann Coulter: Trump ‘Will Fold’ on Border Wall

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