Trump Says, Build The Wall Or Else

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Rodney Martin says:

There will be no Impeachment for 2 reasons:

1- Yes the Dems CAN Impeach in the House BUT there is insufficient votes in the Senate to convict.

2- The Dems learned from the Republican Impeachment of Clinton, contrary to politically neutering Clinton as Impeachment had done to President Andrew Johnson, Clinton actually was viewed as a victim and the Republicans suffered politically. The Republicans lost Seats, Gingrich faced a Palace Coup, resigned as did his successor Bob Livingston which is how the pedophile Dennis Hastert became Speaker.

The jinning up of Impeachment Talk is being done solely to keep the far Left in line so they don’t rock the Democrat boat any more than they already have. Likewise the Right is jinning up Impeachment talk to mitigate the loss within their own ranks and among rigging leaning Independents and Reagan Democrats who delivered the win for Trump and who still agree with him on Immigration & Trade. The Democrats will never hand the White House over to a true Republican Ideologue like Mike Pence who actually knows how to use the office and will fully staff the Administration with fellow Ideologues.

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