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Rodney Martin emails: “The AltRight kiddies often expose their own defects and why the AltRight fails while the Left wins.
They hate Boomers but envy & want what the Boomers have. A REAL Community draws from experience while a Cult wages war & divides families.
They say they want traditionalism, but live opposite & attack traditions. AltRighters advocate shacking up, racemixing, and having kids out of wedlock, yet they attack Blacks for living like this and attack Gays for destroying “Traditional Marriage.”
They talk about the superiority of the White Man but then cry victimhood like Black Lives Matter and cry about being bullied by mean women, Gays, et. al … REALLY.
They attack Jews but worship Jews like Tanstafel, David Cole, Frame Game, and Nathaniel.
They deny “violence” yet their leaked” discords & Chats prove otherwise not to mention their action, they act & talk like a street gang, they are not much different than Antifa i.e going where they are clearly not wanted and have no support i.e. looking for a fight.
They hold up the likes of JF & Enoch despite their poor character, i.e. reflected in each of their official Court Filings, I have READ each of these individuals, Enoch disavowed EVERYTHING he says asa “just being a online character actor.”
The AltRight is completely divorced from Facts & Reality choosing to rely on their Blogs, Podcasts etc for information which is how Scientology functions then when reality hits them in the forehead like a hammer you see them crash & burn as they have and even suicides as the echochamber has proved to be not real.
Fundamentally the AltRight is just a bunch of poorly educated & they are proud of it, many were poorly parented allowed to run the streets at young ages which I was arguing AGAINST, thus their yearning for a “Daddy”/Leader, they are are socially stupid & paranoid i.e. everyone is a Fed who tells them what they dont want to hear, they are criminally oriented, if not already having a record, struggling with their sexuality, many are not altogether White and if they had a offer of a $15/hour job & a georgeus Latina GF they would delete all their AltRight social Media and deny they were ever part of it.”

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