Kosher Cookies

In a class this past week in which I am the only guy, a non-Jewish woman baked cookies. As she was leaving the house, she thought, hmm, Luke is kosher. He won’t be able to eat these.

So she stopped by a kosher bakery and asked, what in here is kosher?

Everything is kosher, she’s told. So she buys some cookies and brings them in.

We get a writing assignment to eat a cookie and then write what we feel.

I wrote: When I eat a cookie, I feel guilt. I think about my blood sugar level and how close I am to pre-diabetes. I think about my weight, how I am 20 pounds heavier than I’d like. I think about my cholesterol, how my good cholesterol is too low and my bad cholesterol is too high. I think about all the bad things I am doing to myself. I think about how hard I’ve worked to clear them out of my life. I think about the social pressure to conform and to eat a cookie even though I do not want one, even though I just brushed my teeth and chewed some gum, even though I am full. I think about my four recent cavities, my spreading waist, my bouts of the flu. I think about how much nicer the non-kosher cookies seem. I think I am not living my life right.

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