ProPublica/Frontline – NEW Hit Piece on WN/AltRight

Rodney says: “ProPublica/Frontline will be airing yet another hit piece on the WN/AltRight Nov. 20, this time they will be interviewing a masked, w/ voice distorted “self described WN/AltRighter saying they targeted Nuclear Power Plants.
Remember I predicted WN/AltRight was being primed to be officially designated as Terrorists, this makes EVERY self described WN & AltRight eligible to come under jurisdiction of NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act AND be labeled Unlawful Enemy Combatants as John Walker Lindh, a White kid, was, despite being an American citizen, born in the U.S.”

“I just watched the Trailer at 53:29, they focus on Ex Military joining WN & AltRight & interview a disguised WN/AltRight who claims they “targeted Nuclear Power Plants” I call Bullshit, they are not that 1-brave 2- not organized 3- Disciplined 4- equipped 5- way too infiltrated 6- lack the leadership & skillset This is designed to get WN & AltRight designated as “Terrorists”.”

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