The Pittsburgh Synagogue Slaughter

Joe* says: “You know (spotted your tweet about HIAS) screw the optics I’m going in might paradoxically have a net positive effect. It sounds harsh and it certainly would have better to have not happened on many fronts (the dead and their families obviously) but it does appear to be making the various Jewish factions at least think. Some are soul searching, some are doubling down but is now on the radar. I agree with KMG that catholic groups are perhaps more implicated on average but it perhaps isn’t done with the malice (in places) that some Jewish organisations do it. If it arrests what might be a near autonomic proclivity to welcome migrants, to interject, to ask whether the holocaust is the correct basis by which to consider future movements of people globally it might have some positive externalities. It is interesting the amount of debate this is kicking up and the majority of it is between Jews.”

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* It’s an open question whether Zionism, especially Zabotinsky’s “muscular” and chauvinistic version of it, was itself a causal factor leading to the Holocaust. Hitler cited it as evidence that Jews were a separate nation, not part of the body politic.

Crediting Jabotinsky with supposed “foresight”, therefore, may be giving undue credit to what was in fact a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you yelled to the four winds that your neighbors are dangerous and cannot be trusted, and that as between you, you were not really neighbors or countrymen, how would your neighbors come to view you?

>>Talk about blaming the messenger/victims. If Jabotinsky had never been born, the outcome of the Holocaust would have been exactly the same.

Zionism appeared to influence how Hitler (and others?) perceived Jews, in terms of whether Jews saw themselves as sharing a common destiny with other peoples in their respective European nations, or whether they saw themselves as separate, alien. We also know that some Zionist groups collaborated with the Nazis toward having Jews emigrate to “their own” homeland.

And what does it say about your prejudices toward Gentiles that you believe the Holocaust was somehow predestined to happen?

* It is incredibly anti-semitic to imply there is a connection between jewish behavior and things that happen to jews. Similarly, I have a friend who is banned from over 100 bars in our state, but every single time it was 100% the bar owner’s fault.

* I can pretty much guaranty that Bowers’s lived experience of Jewish oppression against him personally was insufficient for him to seek revenge – his hatred was given shape by third parties which in today’s context means hate sites (and he added to the echo chamber). ONLY by hate sites. Bowers has never had an original thought in his life.

* My heart goes out to the victims and their loved ones. The shooter claims he’s upset about the Muslim refugee importation program supported by HIAS, but he should take a good look at the Catholic church and Lutheran church, two of the biggest importers of Muslim “refugees”. How did he think Minnesota became North Somalia?

The left needs to decide on a consistent narrative. Whenever a mass shooting occurs, if the victims are white, the shooter is just “mentally ill”, but if the victims are non-white, the shooter is immediately pinned as evil hateful Satan reincarnate. Either they are all mentally ill, or they are all evil hateful Satan reincarnate, enough with the double standard.

* US Resettlement Agencies

These resettlement agencies provide services to refugees through their affiliate offices in cities across the U.S. For a list of resettlement agencies in your area, please click here. This link will take you to the Refugee Processing Center (RPC) that contains an updated Affiliate Directory as well as Agency Affiliate maps. The RPC is operated by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM), which uses an interactive computer system called the Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System (WRAPS) in order to process and track the movement of refugees from various countries around the world to the U.S. for resettlement. Refugees are resettled across the country through affiliate offices of the nine national resettlement agencies (listed below) that resettle refugees on behalf of the U.S. Government. Resettlement agencies help newly arrived refugees settle into local communities and provide a wide range of services that promote self-sufficiency, such as employment and language skill classes. In addition to refugee integration, several of the agencies also provide comprehensive immigration services to assist refugees on their path to becoming permanent residents or U.S. citizens.

For additional information on the nine national resettlement agencies, please click on the links below.

Church World Service

Ethiopian Community Development Council

Episcopal Migration Ministries

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society

International Rescue Committee

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Refugee Services

World Relief

* Jews are indeed over represented in media ownership and in Fortune 500 lists. The same media that was saying a few weeks ago that it was racist to point out that whites shouldn’t have the land they disproportionately own in South Africa stolen from them without compensation are now saying that it is anti-semitic to point out exactly what Jews themselves have bragged about in the past.

It is this kind of blatant hypocrisy that leads people to anti-semitism. People aren’t dumb. A lot of them see the truth. It’s not just that Jews own stuff that makes some anti-semitic, it’s that some of them in the media lie about it while hypocritically attacking other racial groups like Asians applying to Harvard or South African Whites who are or might be over represented elsewhere. If Jews had been more honest about this and had then condemned what the government of South Africa was about to do in stealing White properties, there would be a much stronger argument for “so what?” when it comes to people pointing out what I just did. However, Jews are NOT the superhumans some make them out to be and are, unfortunately, just as short-sighted as most other peoples.

* Even most Jews with very conservative, far right, or Alt-Right views and sympathies, like many Jewish readers and commentors at The Unz Review, are very uncomfortable and defensive about the topic of “jewish power” and regard it as irrelevant and a red herring promoted by anti-Semites.

* I don’t think Ron’s [Unz] eccentric personality or ethnicity has anything to do with the validity of his ideas.

They are wrong independently of who makes them.

His low agreeablity and anger at criticism however lead him to piling mistake upon mistake. My overall impression is of an overgrown adolescent saying things to annoy his square parents, not an intellectual interested in the truth. This is why he can’t even get people like Greg Cochran to engage with him.

* Pittsburgh has fewer immigrants than any other largish American city. Hispanics are noticeably absent from the area. It’s the one American city that still feels like America.

* Ron Unz: If he’d lived in CA, where probably something like 60% of the population comes from a recent immigrant background and 40+% is Hispanic, he’d have had a much more realistic view of immigrants. Even most overwhelmingly white states have lots of immigrants these days.

But he lived in a place that has very few, so he believed all the total nonsense he found on FoxNews and Breitbart.

Then he wandered around the Internet a little, and eventually discovered (correctly) that Jews were probably the group most strongly supportive of heavy immigration, which shocked him. Next, he also discovered (correctly) Jews had a great deal of control over the MSM, and decided that was the reason that the ongoing race war between whites and immigrants in CA wasn’t being reported.

Now it’s perfectly true that Jews are one of the most influential pro-immigration elements and also that they have huge MSM influence. The problem is that when you mix together with some of the crazy stuff from FoxNews/Breitbart, you end up with a pretty dangerous combination…

* “If you like big city amenities, Pittsburgh came through the post civil rights crime wave with more of them intact than all but the most expensive cities.” (@Steve_Sailer)

* It would be very helpful if other Jews would call these people out. Or if Jews organized to oppose immigration or defend the integrity of US borders. Where are they?

* Here’s a pro-tip: if you are hunting for liberal internationalists in Pittsburgh, Saturday morning services at a Conservative synagogue are a really lousy place to hunt. Your luck would be much better down at the Carnegie Mellon faculty club or even one of those Episcopal churches that have lesbian priests.

* The thing with Gab is that it was a worthwhile experiment in free speech & had much potential. Torba could have improved the moderation & decorum, but he made a stand and wasn’t very open to advice. Half of the problem is that too many folks got squeamish at the 1488 stuff and decided to bail out. If enough of a mass of more articulate folks had held firm, it would have tipped the balance and made it a more appealing site. If you want hard fought liberties to continue, it won’t always be a sunny walk in a meadow. Make a stand.

* Libel as in generalized negative statements about Jews purported as facts, such as Jews being dishonest.

Libel as in false, negative and defamatory statements about individual Jews. Examples:

1. Deborah Lipstadt, in the Holocaust post. Ron makes all kinds of assertions about hysterical or wrong statements in her book on Holocaust revisionists. Her book can be downloaded as a PDF from Library Genesis so it is particularly easy to check Ron’s claims. All his key statements about her were false, nor was Lipstadt the irrational screaming yenta he said she was. (He also compared her to a Jewish prostitute, which is pretty defamatory.) The Holocaust thread was closed so there is no opportunity to correct these blatant errors under the post.

2. Nurit Baytch, in the current Harvard admission discrimination post and earlier discussions of the same matter. She did a replication of Ron’s Jewish surname counting method on the Harvard undergraduate directory, coming up with 5-9% (consistent with Ron’s counts of National Merit PSAT high score lists). Instead of acknowledging or answering this at any time in the past 5 years, Ron attacks her as stupid, incompetent, “Jewish berserker”, “Jewish fanatic”, and similar terms. In reality Baytch never attacked Ron personally or did anything except address his statistical analysis.

3. Janet Mertz, also on the Harvard discrimination articles. Described in similar terms as Baytch although she very strictly limited herself to the numerical counting issues and was totally polite to Ron. I guess she is lucky Ron didn’t call her a hooker as he did to Lipstadt.

Baytch did more than one replication using J1J2, and each estimate was tighter than 5-9%. She counted the public directory, the Harvard-internal online directory, Facebook pages, and alumni directories. The lowest number was 5% and the highest 9%, and all the intervals were of width 1-2. I gave the min/max range as that’s what I remembered and any of the sub-estimates would have only made the point stronger.

Those replication tests, individually and in toto, were consistent with (i.e. in the same range as) Ron’s estimate of 6-7 percent of the PSAT high scores, contradicting his claims of massive overrepresentation of Jews at Harvard vs NMS once the same method is used on both data sets.

That is Nurit Baytch’s key (and unanswered) argument. She refined it further in the paper by accounting for state by state differences in NMS cutoffs and representation at Harvard, among other analyses, but the basic problem for Ron’s argument is the above. Ron has spent 5 years talking about everything else including NB’s physical appearance, intelligence, ethnicity and personality, and other things from her paper besides the replication tests. His summary of the situation in the current Harvard admissions piece omits her main point, the replications, and contains (incorrect) arguments refuting other parts of her paper. What is needed is an explanation of why the J1-J2 replications are not devastating to his argument. e.g., if the J1J2 estimators undercount Harvard Jews, why wouldn’t they undercount NMS-Jews to a similar extent?

Ron and Baytch derive different estimates (25% and ~13%) from the Crimson survey with 9.5% self-reported Jews. As it happens, Baytch’s method is much better there too. But it does not touch the matter of “replication failure”.

Ron refused to answer my questions about this in the Harvard admission thread, based on the non sequitur that something or other is wrong with me, as though (even if true) that could be an answer to calculations by a third party.

With regard to the slander of Lipstadt, things I remember at the moment are the claim that she used the Soviet estimate of 4 million dead at Auschwitz, when in fact she made of point of stating that nobody considers that number credible but it appeared on a plaque at the memorial site; and the claim that she dramatically calls someone the “godfather” of American holocaust denial (this word does not appear in the book). Of course there is also generalized invective about her hysterics, incompetence and knowledge limited to History 101 classes at college. But the factual claims about her book are wrong.

I have not seen anything personal from Baytch to Unz except that when he called her too dumb to understand simple algebra, she pointed out that she was a Harvard summa cum laude physics graduate and Ron only a magna. If you know a more serious example let us know, and also how it compares to Ron’s remarks about her.

* Chomsky isn’t very welcome to publish on oped pages in the US. He’s a big deal abroad, but tends to be shunned by the mainstream media in the US.

* The “crank” phenomenon (Unz, Fischer, Chomsky, etc.) is not uniquely Jewish but Jews are overrepresented even beyond their overrepresentation in the far right tail of the IQ distribution (which is already considerable). Aside from the genetic IQ factors, I think that there are cultural factors which account for the difference. As someone mentioned, the Jewish apostate or convert (who knows and betrays the “secrets of the Jews”) has for centuries been a sort of stock figure in Western culture and who often received praise, honors and reinforcement from the larger society. Whereas vice versa is pretty much non-existent.

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