Landlords Need E-Verify

Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Require landlords to use e-verify for citizens and legal alien status. This would immediately hamper illegal aliens alone, and with anchor babies, which would encourage them to self-deport immediately. It’s an obstruction that would keep on giving, and would also make forced mandated “affordable housing” and HUD grants less urgent, and settle out the rising rents in Los Angeles, as it would open up hundreds of thousands of rentals within a year.

I’m acquainted with one landlord in the Los Angeles area who owns over 10 different properties, last I checked, NEVER advertises when one of his many rentals becomes available. He rents it to illegal immigrants almost exclusively, and when a unit opens up, he alerts all his tenants, and they bring him armloads of illegal alien applicants.

He prefers illegals because they do their own repairs and yard work for free, so he doesn’t have to deal with any of his many properties most of the time except to go to his mailbox to get his rental checks. They also NEVER take him to court over ANYthing, unlike a legal tenant might.

He has his operation running like a well-oiled machine, and there are MANY just like him in the Los Angeles area. I’ve spoke with him a few times, as I own a property near him, and he is a complete piece of shit. If he laid down and died, it would be a boon for humanity. He doesn’t care a whit about the Mexicans he exploits, or the community he owns properties in which his properties degrades. The world would be right if he’d just die, sitting up on his likely expensive toilet.

He’s well-to-do, but human garbage just the same. I regard him as I would a swarm of pestilence, even though that’s an insult to virulent locusts.

E-Verify would screw him up.

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