October Surprise: Bombs

* Explosive devices sent to Hillary Clinton, Obama, other prominent Democrats, and CNN

* Facebook ‘could collapse’ if election scandals keep coming, author warns

* Dennis Prager: What I Learned About Young People While Trying to Buy a Car

* Revolutionary Spirals To Civil War 2

* False Flag: Motives for false-flag operations:
To create psychological support for a planned war
To pave the way for a transition to a less democratic form of government
To consolidate a government when its power is dwindling
To defame an enemy by blaming an attack on them

* Megyn Kelly Makes Tearful On-Air Apology for Blackface Comments

* When Sears Flourished, So Did Workers. At Amazon, It’s More Complicated.

Megan’s website. On her Twitter profile, Megan linked to this angry homewrecker post, possibly by Nina (Richard Spencer’s wife).

Richard’s new girlfriend.

“Hi Megan! Richard liked a tweet that told him to go back to his wife.”

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