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From the thread on Steve Sailer’s blog:

* The Democrats really want to shoot themselves in the foot by making this an election about migrant rights and transgender locker rooms, but the Republicans keep trying to hand the Democrats the bread and butter issue of health care.

* Trump has managed to get the Left to come out against the flag, the national anthem, defending America’s borders, due process of law, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, Kanye West, and now being a nationalist.

Is there anything this man cannot do?

Give him a few more months and I legitimately think he could get them to come out against Mom, baseball, and apple pie.

* Actually stop migrants at the border without letting them apply for asylum?
Pull our boys out of Middle Eastern wars?
Sink the fledgling Chinese navy and destroy the bases they’ve built on neutral/contested lands?
Convince US businesses and our political allies to stop treating the Chinese as anything other than an oppressive dictatorship?
Declare Taiwan an independent nation and US ally?
Repair our relationship with Russia?
Push Merkel out of power in Europe?
Reverse the power dynamic with Saudi Arabia?
Balance the budget?
Start decreasing the national debt?

* He kept us from entering the Syrian debacle and has made a peace deal with North Korea, and has slowly drawn down our involvement everywhere.

* Sam Francis used to claim that the Dems were the evil party and the GOP the stupid party. I am beginning to think he had it backwards.

If the GOP holds the House, they will owe it to the visuals of this “caravan.” How can the Left be so stupid as not to know that these visuals would play badly in middle America?

* I’m really hoping for a Trumpian Triumph in November.

However, I’m going to call the election against both sides.

Democrats will be devastated when they don’t take control of the Senate. The smart money says that the Dems have a good chance of flipping the House, but I’m going with my belief in Trump mojo to say that they won’t. They will howl, sulk, double down on dismissing deplorables, wear pussy hats while eating pints of Rocky Road, etc.

People who voted for President Trump will be sorely disappointed that their political position will not have improved one whit. President Trump will still not have partners who will pass funding for the Wall through Congress, and there will be no movement toward solving immigration with legislation.

>>>Not one liberal or Leftist or Democrat will be convinced by anything in Steve Sailer’s columns to change sides. Not one. We’re not winning any hearts or minds.

If you’re actually using the failed “winning the hearts and minds” trope, you’re far gone, baby. That phrase went out when Iraq and Afghanistan turned into nightmares.

Steve’s columns are for the intellectual/moral bolstering of our own side. Much like how all those left wing academic are for them. Do you really think that one person is swayed by Mother Jones ?

Morale is important. And intellectual arguments are important. But only for people on your own side. No one is convinced by witty arguments, baby.

As Vox Day has pointed out, they started hedging their bets a few weeks ago and have gradually wound down their “mass blue wave” predictions to “its close”. They know their polls are bogus, and this time they know that far fewer people are buying them, so they are drawing down to save some of their credibility with those dumb enough to think they have some.

Still, that’s better than 2016, when their “Hillary will win in a landslide” lies kept up to the last minute caused literal mental breakdowns on the Left when Trump won. The freakout will be more subdued this time. I can’t help but think that Kavanaugh’s confirmation caused much of the corporate media to realize the power they thought they had to destroy a man’s career is far less than before, and they are a bit depressed.

* Whats flummoxing the left is that its jewish leadership is (on paper) sympathetic to trump’s ideas, since most of his rhetoric and philosophy is lifted from zionist concepts that have been reinterpreted along american cultural lines.

This is why trump “gets away with” so much stuff. His goals are orthagonal to jewish ones, and his methods, actions, and behaviors don’t rustle hebrew jimmies. In many ways, this “threading the needle” is one of the most astonishing political balancing acts accomplished in the post ww2 era.

Thats also what’s so interesting about the “alt right”…although it is (nominally) anti jewish, it is fundamentally a jewish inspired/modeled movement, publicly lead by a guy (trump) who is sympathetic to jewish political and cultural thought.

Jews have, post ww2, been the intellectual, political, and financial leaders of the democrats.

For about the past year, though, american jews have been moving towards trumps side. They are doing this because, in many ways, Trump is”one of them”. Or at least, the closest thing there ever will be to a jewish president.

Without jews providing direction to the left, the left is flailing and floundering…Black lives matter is defunct. Metoo burned out, and mostly went after democrats. The Kavanaugh protests? Lasted 10 days, ended 15 minutes after the vote, and were self defeating. Heard anything from Robert Mueller lately? Heard anything ABOUT Mueller lately? Or Russia? Or trumps “nazi” “foot soldiers?”

Most of the stuff Sailer has railed about over the past 12 months has been expendable, “true believer” suicide bomber type bullshit…Low level leftists acting without funding, organization, coordination, or sanction. voices in the wilderness. Futile, angry, ineffective gestures of defiance. Nothing coordinated. Nothing planned.

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