Shul Shooting Update

The AP reports:

Michael Bloom, 30, an Orthodox organizer with Hatzolah, a Jewish volunteer medical response team, grew up in the diverse neighborhood. He said there had been instances of Jews being insulted as they walked to the synagogue on the Sabbath.

"This has been going on for years. Everything from "death to Israel" to "dirty Jew,’" he said. "There are gangs in the area. It’s not the safest neighborhood."

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One question that comes to mind for me is illegal immigration. This area is filled with illegal immigrants. Is massive illegal Latino immigration good for the Jews? It does not seem to have been particularly good for the Jews in this neighborhood.

"Diverse neighborhood" seems to be polite talk for a crappy neighborhood. Who wants a diversity of criminals and low-lifes around you? I’d prefer a uniformity of good hard-working people.

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