The Dragnet Series

Greg writes:

Hi Luke, as you know I’ve been tuning back into your site lately.

A feature I enjoy is what I call your “Dragnet Series.” You drive around Los Angeles sometimes featuring yourself and sometimes the streets you’re driving down. I kind of like the never-ending séance you have with yourself expounding a philosophy that is vaguely a combo of 12-step programs and Jewish stuff about “the community”.

I was struck by something in your tone in “Vulnerability.” I realized that you sounded exactly like a lot of guys I have known who were divorced after 10 or 12 years.

Suddenly they are unsure of themselves. They start musing about their relationships with other people in the world. They’re temporarily at sea. They no longer have their feet firmly planted. They make assertions, have imponderable questions, grab ideas from self-help books, etc.

Anyway, I get a kick out of your ruminations and I appreciate being introduced to different random streets in Los Angeles.

I think you should start by saying,

“This is the city. Los Angeles, California. A lot of the people here are decent. Sometimes they fall beneath my moral standards. That’s where I come in. Luke Ford, moral leader and arbiter.”

In a world of cynicism and superficiality one man still tries to understand life’s imponderable questions.

Tune into Dragnet.

Luke, you have not made a secret about considering marriage as a positive step.

At the same time a few months ago a wise lady explained how a wife would basically force you to give up blogging. She recommended that you forget the wife and continue blogging.

Following on my last email I would have to say that maybe the best thing would have been for you to have married and eventually divorced.

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