Alt Hyp Vs Richard Spencer: Analysis, Background As RS Starts Trending On Twitter

Disappointed Englishman comments: “A good stream and good neutral take on the AltHype affair. I think you could explore just how much of a personal blow AltHype’s “defection” is to many on the AltRight. Of course, this movement is all on line, and we don’t know our “heroes”, but we all have online stars – and AltHype was a hero to very many people. And it is like a personal gut punch to see/hear him doing what he’s doing. I would love to see Ryan admit that he is just upset the AltRight hasn’t made headway and has regressed over the past year or so, and that is why he acted emotionally against it. I’m not in the US, but as an Anglo-Saxon I’m kind of loyal to other Anglo-Saxon countries (in a way that Americans wouldn’t understand I don’t expect), and also I was hoping the AltRight would give an entry point for nationalism in all Western countries, so we all suffer if the US AltRight declines.”

* “1. Richard Spencer is very intelligent and educated. Plus the issues he defends are not irrational.
2. However he is extremely bad at assessing the current power-structure and the opposition.
3. He is incredibly bad in terms of organization, steps chosen, path chosen.

Plus – what seems to have triggered AltHype is the fact that Richard Spencer slept with the girlfriend of a friend of AltHype. Following Richard Spencer is not a good idea – Spencer should work better as a public speaker, PR person – but he must stay far away from any leading, managing role. Sane guys like Jared Taylor or Frame Games can far better decide for a good pro-White movement.”

Today’s Wall Street Journal article says Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey personally intervened to restore Richard Spencer’s Twitter account in late 2016. “Richard Spencer” is now trending on Twitter as a result.

Ryan’s original attack. His follow-up.


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