Richard Spencer says August 29, 2018 on JF Gariepy’s show: “Greg Conte’s not the person spreading this rumor. The origin of this whole thing is a basic misunderstanding and Greg and my growing apart the past three months. It was very frustrating for me… I know exactly the people who started promoting this, the Irony Bros first and then Luke Ford… The people who were there including Mike Enoch, who was literally right there, have disabused these people.”

8/10/18: Richard Spencer Has Left Old Town Alexandria

The hosts of The Weekly Sweat say July 22, 2018 that Richard Spencer has been banging his follower’s girlfriends, including Eli Mosley’s girlfriend.

The channel deletes all of their content after they stream to avoid Youtube strikes.

The hosts say that Saturday night, after the latest NPI conference, Greg Conte came back to his room to find Richard Spencer engaged in a threesome with Conte’s girlfriend and Richard’s girlfriend (not his wife). Apparently, Conte flipped out.

Host: “Don’t let your girlfriend around Richard Spencer because he’ll have sex with her.”

“We’ve said all along that the Alt Right is a gay cult and Conte paid the blood sacrifice.”

Was Jackie Goebbels in the middle of this?

Host: “He’s f***ing their girlfriends and they’re like, ‘He’s so well read!'”

“Richard Spencer is broke so Conte has been the pay pig.”

“The women in this movement are nothing but trouble. They get in with a minor character and fuck their way up. They get in with the B list and say, ‘I’m so close. I can taste Richard Spencer’s cock.'”

yossarian doe: “​Don’t you see that he’s doing a David Koresh thing with his followers wives except with no reproduction of white children.”

Host: “These guys talk about being trad and they can’t stop cheating on each other. If you are dating a girl who’s into right-wing politics, she’s having sex with someone else. I guarantee it.”


Create Channel: “​Venti got broken up with now is the time to shoot ya shot felas”

Create Channel: “​RamzPaul was first to declare Altright a den of felons and vipers after charlottesville and got tons of shit.”

Host: “It feels like a pyramid scheme. I’m waiting for Spencer to come out with the official Alt Right membership scam for $20 a month.”
Host 2: “It feels like a phalanx.”
Host: “Women f***ing their way up the pyramid and Richard Spencer’s at the top and you don’t get any pussy. When Richard Spencer dies, he’ll be buried with all the trad thots he f***ed like a real pharoah.”
Host 2: “I see them bringing kids up to Richard Spencer who’s only got a loin cloth on and they stab them.”

weevlos: “​it is a pyramid of naked teenage boys covered in oil”

Chat: “Identity Evropa guys were at this NPI event. Didn’t Patrick Casey ban that?”

Paul: “The only requirement to be Richard Spencer’s right-hand man is that you have a girlfriend.”

Weev joined the stream to carry on the Richard Spencer bashing.

According to the same people who claimed Richard was sleeping with the girlfriends of his followers, Richard sleeps with many of young female journalists covering him including lady journalists at Buzzfeed, The Daily Beast, The Atlantic and one Alt Lite lady streamer the night of the Charlottesville debacle (from Matt Forney’s description this week, it sounds like Faith Goldy).

In various selfies posted online, Richard appeared chummy with female journos such as Julia Ioffe and Rosa Gray. I do not know about the extent of their relationships.

Richard with Julia Ioffe.

Richard with Rosie Gray.

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