Symptoms And Causes Of Failure & Success

Claire Khaw writes: Your problem is that you want to get married but having a YouTube channel like this is like a working porn actress going husband-hunting. My advice is to settle down and enjoy what is good about your life and bask in the praise and gratitude you do get for the service you offer to politics and rational debate. If you were married, the missus would stop you the way Brundlefly’s stops him from doing stuff. Maybe just accept you are not going to get married at your age because you are not loaded and accept what life has to offer, with gratitude. Once you resign yourself to this, a great weight will lift from your shoulders. Impossible longings are fundamentally self-destructive so concentrate on counting your blessings. We wouldn’t want you to be married and henpecked and stopped from doing your streams and almost any woman would stop you from doing this unless she completely agreed with you on politics and you are not going to get a woman like this in LA or the state of California or in the entire US of A who would marry you and whom you would want to marry.

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