The Jewish Urge To Schmooze

Frame Game Radio tweets: 1. This is a thread about SCHMOOZING. I was at a business lunch today with a fellow Jew and it suddenly hit me – one reason for Jewish success is *The Jewish Urge To Schmooze.*

2. Yes, I know I’ve developed a reputation for being a Jewish guy who relentlessly chronicles the abuses and corruption within the Jewish Affinity Network. But allow me to proudly explore a perfectly innocent and totally powerful aspect of Jewish success dynamics.

3. I’ve noticed a pattern to human communications that differentiates “the median Gentile” and “the median Jew”. It’s not universal. It’s a bell-curve, where Jewish instincts appear, ON AVERAGE, to be 1-2 standard deviations more inclined to “schmooze” than Gentiles.

4. First a definition of terms. The charitable definition is that schmoozing is “intimate, cozy gossip.” The cynical definition is that schmoozing is “manipulative sweet talk to get what you want.”

5. Now, THE MAGIC: SCHMOOZING IS NOT NETWORKING. Networking is professional. Schmoozing is personal. Networking makes formal pair-bonds. Schmoozing makes implied pair-bonds. Networking is a firm handshake. Schmoozing is whispering in your ear.

6. I’ve deduced that schmoozing involves two critical mechanisms. The first is *VULNERABILITY*. The second is *BENIGN VIOLATION*. Let’s explore these two dynamics in turn:

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