Why Adopted Children Still Struggle Over Time

Greg Cochran writes: “I noticed an article in the Atlantic, about much higher rates of disability, behavior and learning problems, suspensions. Lower achievement on reading, math, and science assessment tests. They can’t figure it out.”

* Steve Sailer writes: In the postwar era, you’d sometimes see adoptions from higher class biological parents to lower class adoptive parents, as with Steve Jobs, whose genetic parents were grad students (and his biological father was the nephew of the Foreign Minister of Syria). His biological parents then had another child together, the accomplished novelist Mona Simpson.

Jobs’ adoptive parents were high school dropouts. But they had been checked over by the adoption agency and were extremely stable and made fine parents for him.

Jobs’ adoptive parents were so pleased with little Steve that they adopted a sister for him. I’ve felt sorry for her, being a presumably average girl whose conniving older brother is (literally) the World’s Greatest Salesman.

* GC: A Harvard faculty member told me that Chinese girls were the adoptee of choice among his colleagues.

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