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Comments at Steve Sailer:

* Speaking as a traditionalist, not an alt-righter, we don’t have an ethnic animus towards Russians. When they were part of the evil empire USSR, we opposed them due to ideology. Now that they dropped that ideology and have begun to re-Christianize, we feel no need to regard them as our enemy.

Historically we seem to have gotten along with them up until the time the Bolsheviks took over. They gave us a sweet deal on Alaska, prevented Europeans from intervening in our Civil War and they even provided a job for John Paul Jones.

There seems to be some similarities between Americans and Russians. We both occupy vast land masses that we took from other peoples. We both have a historical characteristic of being hard and tough. Though we do have differences, there is much common ground we probably have. And now that communism has been swept away, we should be exploring it. But the geniuses that run our nation like it is the board game Risk, have other ideas. They are still stuck in the past and have not correctly identified the real threat, the global South.

* “The alt.right love for Russia (and the left’s new hatred for it) are complete mysteries to me.”

The continued Boomer obsession with Russia is a complete mystery to me as well (too many Ian Flemming books?). As I have pointed out before, Russia is just a country – like any other country that has interests and objectives (except our own because we don’t seem to have to coherent policy in anything). Their actions are neither mysterious nor unpredictable.

* Russia’s anti NATO strategy is to promote territorial disputes which effectively preclude membership. Besides Georgia, Russia has taken that approach in Moldova and Ukraine.

The mindless expansion of NATO is inexcusable. As far as Russia’s resistance – I’m fine with it. Anything to create a buffer.

I’m with George Kennan on this.

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