Alternative To MSM Distribution

Comments at Steve Sailer:

Bittorrent has been delivering decentralized, ad-free, censorship-free media for nearly two decades. It’s rock solid, well-proven, has extensive tooling, requires virtually no investment or overhead, and doesn’t require touching anything made by Hollywood or Silicon Valley.

Want to deliver podcasts and video without having to grovel at the feet of Zuckerberg or Tim Cook? Throw up a torrent. For $100 a month in hosting fees you can independently distribute hours of video to tens of millions of people.

What’s the problem? All but a tiny sliver of high-IQ, technically savvy, anti-estabilishment nerds are too dumb or too unmotivated to care. Even if Alex Jones’ fanbase could figure out how to download a torrent, probably nobody on Alex Jones’ production team is smart enough to set it up correctly.

The Internet of the 90s was incredible because it was all libertarian maniacs, antisocial geeks, and misfit geniuses. It was as if the Wild West was settled by smartest people on the planet. Now everyone and their mother is online. The same dullards, yes-men, soccer moms, and neanderthals that ruined meatspace have made cyberspace just as intolerable.

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