Trump Tightens Rules On Economic Migrants

Lot writes:

Been thinking about this more, this could be the single most significant news on immigration in Trump’s entire first term with the exception of killing the DACA amnesty.

1. Congress doesn’t have to approve, so it can actually happen.

2. Virtually no economic migrants could become citizens since nearly all will have used at least 1 government benefit such as Medicaid or an Obamacare subsidy.

3. Fewer third-world origin citizens means fewer Dem voters and fewer chain migration legal immigrants.

4. A fair number of third world origin citizens are born to US citizens abroad. To take one common example, Ahmed the American who became a citizen from a W-Era refugee or visa lottery meets Betty Burkha online in Pakistan, marries her there, and knocks her up. Under Miller’s proposal, Baby Burkha is not a US citizen because refugees like Ahmed almost all use welfare and would be barred from naturalization.

5. This rule actually favors non-welfare using immigrants by knocking the welfare immigrants out of the naturalization line and subsequent chain migration waiting list. So high income immigrants who also don’t lie about their income for the bennies win too entirely at the expense of the welfare migrants.

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