Rabbi Nachum Shifren’s Message For Black America

Rabbi Shifren (RabbiForSenate.com) emails: It is clear that unless each of us realizes that if one of our citizens is being disadvantaged in this war for the transformation of our culture, then we all are losers. I can’t help but recalling my experience as a rehab teacher at Sheriff Peter Pitchess Wayside Ranch, L.A. County’s biggest lockup. As I approached the prison cell, a black man yelled over, "Hey Rabbi Shifren!".
I said, "I’m sorry sir, but I don’t believe we’ve met."
He replied, mournfully, "You were my Spanish teacher at Dorsey High."
"Sir, I’m so sorry you’re here. How is it that you ended up in jail?, I asked, shaken that one of my students was encarcerated before my very eyes.
"Rabbi, they didn’t teach me anything. Just kept passing me on. I have no skills, no learning, all I could do was deal drugs."
When I think of how many times we had to translate EVERYTHING into Spanish, the hours and dollars wasted on foreigners here bent on changing our society into a satellite of Mexico, and their minions of black school administrators enabling them to vanquish our schools and communities, I know this is a war of survival in which each of us must step up to protect our nation. We don’t have the luxury of picking "coalitions" in this war. It’s about you and me, your family and mine, and our readiness to fight a satanic opposition, stealthily claiming more territory each day under the banner of "multi-culturalism." Some claim that Valley Forge was America’s finest hour. They’re wrong. Our nation will be face its final test right here on the streets of South Central Los Angeles. Will we take back our schools from the educrats, re-conquer our communities from the radical Hispanic gangs, sowing panic in the black communities? Will we finally agree that English is our nation’s language, and teach our students the command of it? Will we continue to discriminate against our African American citizens, on whose bloody backs this nation’s strength and wealth was established, BY FORCING THEM TO SPEAK A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN ORDER TO GET A JOB IN AMERICA? When these questions are answered, then there will be a clear vision for our survival as a nation.

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